The Dragon Hoard

The Dragon Hoard is a treasure cave, a resource repository for people who dislike feminism and related things. Here you will find web links, PDF files, graphic art and other such goodies.

This is a work in progress that will never be finished. We will add material continually and organize  gradually. Meanwhile, it’s an old curiosity shop, so have fun picking through it. You never know what you might find.

Check back regularly. We recommend that you archive as much of this material as possible on your own computer.


Mythologies of gender,8599,2015274,00.html

Complete text of VAWA bill:

Click to access BILLS-103hr3355enr.pdf

Click to access PA-Knowledgebase-41410.pdf

Click to access NISVS-StateReportBook.pdf


Debunking feminism’s domestic violence myths: Accusations of Rape:

Police say Ville Platte woman threatens to falsely accuse city marshal of rape

Click to access NISVS-StateReportBook.pdf

Man falsely accused of rape by internet date wanting to get revenge on his sister

Woman facing jail for false rape allegations against her ex–politics/georgia-backlash-builds-campus-rape/sgH1ovTDHVxD7kjEEUxhmJ/

Student acquitted of rape says accused should be given anonymity

The Issue of Rape and “Rape Culture”, from a Feminist Standpoint:

Click to access 19_mirkoeshay.pdf


Miscellaneous PDF files:

25 Rules of Disinformation


Motte-and-Bailey Doctrine


Donald Dutton On Gender Paradigm

A CTS73 Blaming the messenger




NOW Hypocrisy

The Feminist 2% False Rape Claim



Chapter1 What is Gender Studies_ Understanding Basic Concepts

Excerpts from Fundamental Feminism- Judith Grant


Gender Wage Gap Final Report

Ti-Grace AtkinsonJourney2SocialistFeminism

Skype – Dialogue on Victim Narratives

Words from a Recovering Feminist

Marxism, Feminism, and Women’s Liberation