Non-Feminist Logos

The universal non-feminist banner/logo features the words NON and FEMINIST in a bold, crisp black-and-white style. The NON is ascendent, and carries more weight in the design because it is considerably larger, leaving the viewer with no doubt that a NO is “just being said” to feminism. The word feminist seems to be physically breaking  under the strain. Furthermore, it is set in a straitlaced sans-serif font, while the “non” is in a more artistic serif, hinting that the revolutionary fun and coolness is on our side.


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The design is copyright free – it’s free because it’s yours! You may replicate this anywhere and everywhere, and you may incorporate it into your own artwork as you see fit. You may also modify it in interesting ways, like Google does with with the word “google”.

Finally,  you are absolutely free to fire up Photoshop and make an entirely new non-feminist logo that would appeal to your local community or peer group. We ask only that the word sequence “non feminist”  be included, and be clearly legible.  Show us your work, and if it’s good we’ll showcase it here.

Update for new content. This is from a graphic artist known as The-Bailey: