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Welcome to Antifeminist Praxis!

Feminism is the project to increase the power of women with no clear endpoint uniformly stipulated.

So far, antifeminists have similarly lacked an endgame. While many have talked about ending feminism or destroying it or cutting it down to size in some way, none have offered any clear criteria for what would constitute “defeating” feminism. The present website is meant to facilitate discussion regarding a possible anti-feminist endgame by asking people to answer any of the three following questions:

1. What is Feminism?
2. Where do non-feminist people stand?
3. What is to be done?

This website does not exist to “sell” antifeminism. It is meant for those who already oppose feminism in full, or are on the brink of doing so. We provide marching suggestions. This is not an instruction to subordinates, but rather a means of orienting people’s thinking towards solving the Feminist problem. Those who style themselves antifeminist are welcome to take it up and run with it.

This website operates within the message parameters of Strict Anti-Feminism (or “SAF”). We encourage you to study the SAF Manifesto, which will bring you up to speed about this.

Aside from intellectual tools, the website offers a message board to facilitate offline antifeminist communities and a library of printable pamphlets to spread throughout the world.

One might accuse this website of not helping men. The accusation is correct. This website does not exist to help or harm men or women. However, we do not doubt that the net effect upon humanity will be benign — which the net effect of feminism is not.

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