2 thoughts on “Don’t Try To Convince People

  1. To your point Nick, I was a feminist who changed their mind after discovering Judgy Bitch’s blog and A Voice for Men. It wasn’t through any one trying to convince me, it was more being jolted by their bluntness and my own curiosity of how people could think like that. Feminists (and ideologues in general) need to move out from under their own ideology first, before they can discover how other people see the world. And in my experience, that happens voluntarily as an epiphany, not through coaxing.

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  2. Feminism will never yield to mere persuasion. We have no duty to please them, or soothe them, or render ourselves acceptable to them. We as non-feminists are dealing with an aggressor, and our policy should be to turn the table and put this aggressor on the defensive.

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