Philip Davies M.P. FTW

This is an interview with Philip Davies, which I conducted with friends of mine from our pressure group, Ladies for Philip Davies. Hopefully, it sheds a bit of light on where non-feminist people presently stand in relation to feminism.

Philip is M.P. for Shipley in Yorkshire, England, and is infamous as a “sexist misogynist”. Naturally, although he has challenged his detractors to name any time during his 12 years in politics where he has advocated for women to be treated less favourably than men, proof is yet to be discovered. In fact, he has merely argued consistently for men to be treated as favourably as women.

And ironically, not only is Philip the only champion of male rights in our Parliament but, being the only M.P. to attend a meeting for women affected by Sharia courts, it would appear that he’s the only women’s rights champion too!

Presently the UK is gearing up for a General Election on the 8th June and the Women’s Equality Party has seized on this moment to parachute in their leader Sophie Walker to contest Philip’s seat in Yorkshire. So confident are they of victory that they’ve requested all other left-wing parties step down to give her a clear run.

Labour is still yet to acquiesce so it looks likely that she will merely split the left-wing vote, increasing Philip’s majority which has been a very healthy 9000+ in the last two elections. The mainstream media has been saturated with feminist lies however, which I’m confident will only show the gap between the elite and the general population.

Hilariously, not only is Sophie not, as we pointed out, the ‘voice for all women’, it turns out that she’s not the voice for all feminists — not even all feminists in Shipley! Shipley Feminist Zealots, a group founded to oppose Philip and named after a quote of his from the speech he gave at the International Conference on Men’s Issues 2016, feel betrayed by the W.E.P because they didn’t find a local candidate.

Ladies for Philip Davies have reached out to Sophie for an interview and will continue trying. We will keep you informed.

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